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A Simple Beginners Guide To Fake Tanning

A Simple Beginners Guide To Fake Tanning

If you’re a fake tan newbie or a pro or just looking for a few new techniques and tricks.We have created a simply step-by-step guide on how to fake tan so you can achieve a gorgeous sun-kissed tan every time!

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TanOrganic is the world’s FIRST and ONLY eco certified organic self-tan brand. The brand started back in 2010 when TanOrganic founder Noelle O’Connor first appeared on Dragon’s Den.

Noelle was a former beauty therapist so she knew the importance of caring for your skin and the toll that products can have on the skin.Noelle was determined to create a natural and organic self-tan that would be as kind to the skin as well as the planet. TanOrganic was formed and ever since 2010 have been creating only best products organic and cruelty free products for its customers.


Top Self Tanning Tips


It’s essential to exfoliate 24 hour prior to tanning. This will remove any dead skins which will create a perfect base for your tan application. When exfoliating remember to pay attention to very dry areas like the feet, ankles, elbows and the knees.

A product that you won’t be disappointed in is the Green People Age Defy + Soft Buff Skin Exfoliator. This product will refine, brighten and illuminate dull, dry skin with powerful three-way exfoliation from pineapple, bamboo and bentonite clay. With pineapple enzymes this will dissolve protein bonds to release dead skin cells. This product is an essential for any skincare routine and essential for a tanning routine. It’s currently on offer so what’s stopping you? Get it added to your baskets now!


Before tanning or whilst it develops, we recommend avoiding both deodorants and perfume. This can prevent the tan from adhering to the skin and it is known to turn some tans green. Nobody wants a green tan!


If you prefer to wax, shave or even use hair-removal cream. It’s always best to do these techniques 24 hours before. These methods can remove the top layer of the skin cells, so if you do that just before tanning this can result in an overall patchy tan.


A tanning mitt is always a must! Grab your mousse or lotion in one hand and your TanOrganic Luxury Application Glove in the other. Squeeze or pump the product straight on to the mitt. Evenly spread the product onto the mitt and apply in circular motion – making sure you reach every inch.

A mistake many make is missing out on the inner parts of the body (e.g. inside the arm) a mistake I’m often guilty of doing. A patchy tan which is never a good look.

Top tip: If your using an instant tan, you need to work quickly in order to get a get an even coating. And if you need to buff any noticeable streak then use a make-up brush to evenly blend it out.


When it comes to your face, my new favourite technique is to mix a small amount of moisturiser with a self-tan onto a mitt. This will soften the formula which will minimise the chance of breakouts.

When both products are mixed gentle apply to the face, for the hands and the feet, use any leftover residue product from the mitt from your body application. When it comes to tanning these areas less is always more!



The key to creating a flawless tan is to moisturise the dry areas prior to applying your desired tan. It is essential to hydrate the skin; this would include the feet, ankles, elbows, palms, knees and the cuticles.


I’m not sure about you but tanning my hands and feet have always been a struggle. So many bad tans later I’ve finally cracked the top tricks to achieve a seamless tan on every application.

The hands and feet should be the last body part you tan. Simply just brush the mitt over the hands and feet slightly using only the residue product left on the mitt after body application.


We’d recommend allowing your tan to dry fully before dressing. Like a spray tan we would always opt for something loose and something you don’t mind getting stained. This is same when fake tanning. You also don’t want it rubbing against your skin or your new fresh bed sheets!


I think we all love a warm hot shower! But when rinsing your tan off it is advised to use cold running water. It may wake you up a little in the morning, but it will shrink all of your pores and therefore reduce the chance of them getting blocked.

Rinse until the water runs clear it’s advised not to use any scrubs or soaps as these will fade your tan. Pat the skin dry instead of rubbing this will prolong the tan allowing for the flawless fresh tan. 


The trick to prolonging your tan is by keeping the skin hydrated. Using an oil-free moisturiser morning and night will prolong the tan and leaving you with a long lasting tan. We would also recommend gently exfoliating every 2-3 days. This can help your tan last up to 10 days.


When your tan does eventually start to fade or starts to become patchy, remove your tan properly using a tan remover. A tan remover will gently exfoliate the skin which will remove all the left over tan and the dead skin.

The award-winning TanOrganic Tan-Erase Exfoliating Glove is the ultimate exfoliator which can be used wet or dry. This will remove both a layer of dead skin and old tan to reveal a fresh smooth skin.

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