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About Us

Passionate about the natural healing and health benefits that can be found throughout nature, all over the World.

Mother Nature has had millions of years, masses of resources and an unbiased approach to perfect the harmonies that exist between nature and man. Man makes decisions based on economy and greed with restricted resource, limited knowledge and has been at it for a fraction of the time. Who will you put your trust in?

The Power of Mother Nature

At UOrganic, we believe that Mother Nature holds the keys to many of life's challenges, especially medical ones. Throughout the history of our World, the interaction of animals and plants has been about one core thing...survival. Over millions of years, life and evolution has resulted in a harmonisation beyond anything we could reproduce.

As a result, nature can offer the most remarkable solutions to our health needs, all we have to do is embrace it.

At UOrganic, we seek out the best products that Mother Nature has to offer. All products are sourced from companies that share our values and are organic.

100% Against Animal Testing

Another one of our core values. Animal testing is unnecessary and cruel and we are totally against it. All of the products we supply are from companies that share this view and in most cases are listed on the Peta Cruelty Free Company list or use the jumping bunny.